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Best Investment Plan for Monthly Income : IndiaP2P


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Best Investment Plan for Monthly Income : Indiap2p


Indiap2p is a very good investment plan for monthly income. It offers you the opportunity to earn money every month without having to invest too much into it. If you want to start earning with this investment plan, then make sure that you read through everything in this guide before signing up. We will explain everything about Indiap2p so that when you get started with it, it will be easy for you!

Indiap2p monthly income investment plan

Indiap2p is a good investment plan for monthly income. You can start investing in IndiaP2P monthly income plan with just Rs.5000 and get monthly returns upto 16% p.a., which will help you to increase your wealth every year by 10%.

How does Indiap2p work?

IndiaP2P is an online investment platform that allows investors to invest in multiple retail loans directly through the platform. The company offers best investments products, including compounded returns wurecurring  and term accounts for individuals and businesses.

IndiaP2P makes it easy for you to start investing a very small amount with low risk of losing your money because it has low default rates compared to other banks/financial institutions in India. If you're looking for an investment plan that gives you monthly interest income without taking any risk on your capital then Indiap2p is what you need!

You can choose between two different plans – Monthly income plan (upto 16% returns) and Growth Plan( upto 18% returns) depending on how much time you want between payouts or if there's any additional benefits like tax deduction etc., which will be explained later on below

What are the benefits of Indiap2p?

  • You can earn monthly income.

  • No need to worry about market fluctuations.

  • You can choose your own investment amount.

  • You can withdraw your money anytime, as long as the company has enough funds in its bank accounts.

How much money can I earn with Indiap2p?

Indiap2p is a platform that allows you to invest in mutual funds and other financial instruments. You can choose from a our of plans which meets your requirement, The minimum investment amount for each product starts at Rs 5000 and goes up to Rs 50 lakhs  (or one year).

  • Returns: The returns from Indiap2p are very high compared to other investment plans because they have realized their profit margins over time by continuously investing money into their portfolio while keeping track of various parameters such as return on investment (ROI), risk appetite etc. Their ROI ranges between 16% p.a., which means that if you invest Rs100000 monthly then after one year your total earnings will be close to Rs160000/-

When will my first payment arrive?

When will my first payment arrive?

You can receive it as soon as one month if you choose the monthly plan.

This is a very good investment plan for monthly income

This is a very good investment plan for monthly income. It is a good way to earn monthly income, you can invest in this plan and also make money from it. The best part about investing in this plan is that it has been introduced by the company Indiap2p which makes sure that all their clients get their money back on time at the end of every month by paying them interest rates as high as 16%.


If you have been searching for a good investment plan for monthly income, then this is the right place for you. In this blog post we will discuss about Indiap2p investment plan and how does it work. Let's start!

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