Introducing India's Most Exciting Investment Product

Earn up to 18% p.a.
by investing in retail loans curated by IndiaP2P

Earn up to 18% p.a. by investing in retail loans curated by IndiaP2P

IndiaP2P is certified by Reserve Bank of India (RBI) as an NBFC-P2P

First time in India

First time in India

Investment products with risk management strategies previously available only to institutional investors.

Designed to reduce risk, without compromising on returns.

Start investing with just 5000

High Returns

Direct investing into retail loans i.e. no middlemen, just tech.

Strong Diversification

Your investment is spread across diversified loans i.e. risk reduction without compromising on returns.

Monthly Returns

You can choose to earn monthly interest income or re-invest them for compounding.

Secure, Escrow based Transactions

All transactions are made via RBI mandated bank escrows.

No Volatility

IndiaP2P investments are not subject to market movements like stocks etc.

Vetted Loans

We do stringent KYC, physical verification and credit check for each loan.

What IndiaP2P lenders say about their investments

IndiaP2p investor - Snehal
Snehal P.

Architect & Entrepreneur

This is a truly innovative product and compliments my other investments. The returns are indeed exciting and the lack of volatility comforting.
IndiaP2p investor - Achal
Shoeb K.

Corporate Leader

An investment that supports the business aspirations of borrowers while fulfilling my financial goals.
IndiaP2p investor - Tanvi
Tanvi K.


Superior returns with a transparent view of where investments are deployed. Glad to see that returns are not linked to speculation
IndiaP2p investor - Ayush
Ayush G.

IT Professional

An investment product that I finally understand. Simple and super-easy to understand.

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