Earn up to 18% p.a. by investing in retail loans curated by IndiaP2P

How do I select an investment product?

With IndiaP2P you can choose between two investment plans - income and growth.

If you are looking for recurring monthly income, then choose the monthly income plan where interest earned on the loans you fund accrues to your escrow wallet and can be withdrawn and used. For those looking to compound their wealth, choose the growth plan where interest earned is also invested back into new loans to increase your investment base and returns.

Risk categories indicate the risk bands i.e. IndiaP2P credit rating to which the loans you fund would belong. While all our borrowers are vetted and verified, there is always a risk of default/non-repayment. The risk categories indicate this risk of default.

How is my investment deployed?

Your investment will be spread across a portfolio of diversified loans i.e. you will be funding parts of multiple loans that come from borrowers from different geographies, income sources, etc. but all from the risk category selected by you. Our portfolio engine tool ensures maximum diversification thereby minimizing risk, however, please do note that your investment is not risk-free.

How are borrowers/loans vetted and verified?

IndiaP2P combines technology and field presence to screen, verify and diligence borrowers. Our on-ground team meets with most borrowers and our risk management team uses years of financial experience and technology to screen and risk score every loan. Each borrowers’ credit history, income, references etc. are duly analysed.

Our on-boarding and underwriting processes are designed to enable priority access for women seeking business and consumption loans to advance their lives and incomes. IndiaP2P borrowers typically have prior, successful loan repayment records with banks.

We follow the highest diligence standards and ensure that any and all bad repayment behaviour is promptly reported to every credit bureau.

  • IndiaP2P Borrower - TamilNadu, Women empowerment
  • IndiaP2P Borrower - TamilNadu, Women empowerment
  • IndiaP2P Borrower - Andhra Pradesh, Women empowerment
  • IndiaP2P Borrower - Nagaland, Women empowerment

What IndiaP2P lenders say about their investments

IndiaP2p investor - Snehal
Snehal P.

Architect & Entrepreneur

This is a truly innovative product and compliments my other investments. The returns are indeed exciting and the lack of volatility comforting.
IndiaP2p investor - Achal
Shoeb K.

Corporate Leader

An investment that supports the business aspirations of borrowers while fulfilling my financial goals.
IndiaP2p investor - Tanvi
Tanvi K.


Superior returns with a transparent view of where investments are deployed. Glad to see that returns are not linked to speculation
IndiaP2p investor - Ayush
Ayush G.

IT Professional

An investment product that I finally understand. Simple and super-easy to understand.

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