Earn up to 18% p.a. by investing in retail loans curated by IndiaP2P

Grow your wealth with the power of compounding

Your investment under the IndiaP2P Growth plan investment is deployed into fractionalized .i.e. parts of loans sourced from individuals with successful prior borrowing track records and/or good credit scores.

The borrowers repay principal and interest monthly which comes back to you. This principal and interest are quickly re-invested into a new set of loans increasing your overall investment corpus thereby giving you accelerated returns.

Since your investment goes into loans (debt), it is free of any speculation and volatility. It is not affected by market sentiments and other pricing drivers. Your returns are fixed and stable.

IndiaP2p investor - Sunanda
Sunanda G.


My investment corpus automatically increases every month with the growth plan and enables more borrowers.

Muti-level risk management

IndiaP2P’s investment product design and borrower selection are designed to minimize the risk of default or loss on your investment.

Unlike other investment types such as stocks, equity mutual funds, crypto, real estate and even gold etc. the value and returns of your IndiaP2P investment is not affected by market psychology, sentiment etc. The risk lies in the possibility of borrowers whose loans your investment has funded defaulting.

To minimize this risk, IndiaP2P takes several measures, starting with sourcing loans from only those borrowers that have good past borrowing histories from banks etc. and/or have good credit scores. All of our borrowers are also met with and vetted in person.

IndiaP2P combines technology and field presence to screen, verify and diligence borrowers.

Our on-boarding and underwriting processes are designed to enable priority access for women seeking business and consumption loans to advance their lives and incomes. IndiaP2P borrowers typically have prior, successful loan repayment records with banks. Also, data suggests that women have superior credit scores and make better borrowers.

We follow the highest diligence standards and ensure that any and all bad repayment behaviour is promptly reported to every credit bureau with potential for legal action

To further reduce risk, our system diligently limits your exposure to any one borrower i.e. you invest in fractions of many loans thereby diversifying your investment across borrowers from different geographies, income source etc.

And lastly, you have the flexibility of choosing between loans from borrowers with high credit rating who fall under our ‘Conservative’ category or borrowers with mediium credit ratings who fall under our ‘Aggressive’ category. IndiaP2P does not onboard loans from borrowers who have low credit scores.

Secure, Escrow based transactions

We recognize that while investing digitally, the safety of your funds is of utmost importance. Which is why, IndiaP2P creates an escrow bank account for each investor. Your investments and repayments come to your escrow keeping your funds safe and in your control at all times.

We always have a rolling pipeline of high-quality loans however it can take between 2 to 20 working days to allocate your investments in full.  We deliberately pace your investment to make sure that it is diversified to the extent possible. This diversification reduces risks without compromising on returns.

The minimum investment size is Rs. 5000 and maximum investment per investor is limited to Rs. 50 lakhs.

Yes, they can.  The KYC process for non-individual investors is slightly different.  Our Investor Services team will assist you with your investment escrow account creation.  Please write to  investors@IndiaP2P.com

Yes, you can invest as often as you like and in any combination of plans.

Yes, you will be able to view information of all borrowers whoses loand your investment has funded and their repayments data as well.

Your investment is subject is a 12 month lock-in after which you can withdraw your incoming repayments at any time. Any premature withdrawls are subject to a 2% exit fee and fulfilled on a best effort basis.

 Yes, returns indicated are pre-tax.  Earnings from IndiaP2P investments will get added to your income and be taxed as per the tax bracket you fall in.

Yes, IndiaP2P investments are regulated under the Non Banking Finance Company - Peer to Peer (NBFC-P2P) norms laid out by the Reserve Bank of India.

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